About Anna

In a world where, thanks to the www, nearly anyone can share anything, it is almost impossible to disassociate oneself from the rest of the crowd. But let me give it a try! 

Just like 99% of the other bloggers out there, I eat avocado on toast for breakfast. And I’m not going to lie: Yoga is indeed my favorite sport. Oh, and of course I own at least 10 white blouses. Did I mention that I’m vegan?

But what you might not expect:

I am a big hip-hop fan (and will quote songs all day long if I feel comfortable around you), I am fascinated by other people’s success stories, I am very self-reflective and driven, travelling to other countries makes me feel alive, I am strictly vegan, but when it comes to fashion, I sometimes turn a blind eye. My favorite meal? Cornflakes – always have been & always will be.

My purpose is to inspire others, to give them honest recommendations, take them on a virtual adventure to remote destinations and give them advice from locals and experts.

Who am I?

First of all: Even though my blog is in German (although it might also be available in English soon), I decided to keep my “about me” page in English. You never know who stumbles upon your website and English is a universal language that probably at least 90% of you understand. Same goes for Instagram by the way!

Although many of you call me Laura (I have no clue why), my full name is actually Anna-Laura Kummer, but I go by Anna. I was born and raised in Austria – very close to Austria’s beautiful capital Vienna. My birthday is May 18th by the way, in case you want to send me flowers or letters (I love letters!).

I’ve always been fascinated by the online world and after discovering my passion for videography, I decided to merge these two hobbies of mine and become one of Austria’s first YouTubers. To be honest, I started way too early (I was 15!), but I don’t regret it. The early start was the “secret to my success” on YouTube, I would say. About four years after launching my YouTube channel, I began blogging and even won the Austrian Blogger Award in 2015! Throughout the years I realized which topics I love writing about and started focussing more on travel, veganism and lifestyle.

I try to stick to uploading one video and about three blogposts a week. You can find my YouTube channel here and if you’d like to subscribe to my newsletter, you can do so here! (I promise there won’t be any spam. I rarely ever send newsletters, because I always forget to!)

It’s great to have you here – hope you find what you’re looking for! Feel free to contact me if you have any questions. There’s also an FAQ page that you might want to check out!



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Meet the team

Renate Uhlmann

I’m not alone! I got the best helper, who has been by my side for 21 years: my mom. Every now and then, she’ll make an appearance and write about her favorite books, recipes or other things that are going on in her life. But mostly she’s managing everything “behind the scenes” – I’m talking taxes, emails, the online store. Yes, I know, I’m very very lucky to have her and couldn’t imagine doing it all myself.

Marco Sommer

I’m also incredibly thankful to have my best friend on board. We grew up in the same town and met in High School. He is studying photography in Vienna and it’s amazing to see how quickly his knowledge and creative eye are evolving. I try to take him on as many fun trips as possible, because he just knows my “Schokoladenseite”, haha! (aaaand he’s obviously very fun to be around!)

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Hanna Gassner

Hanna starts her day with yoga, meditation and a balanced breakfast. I met her during a nutrition class and instantly connected with her. We are both vegan and love reading about nutrition, self-development and mindfulness. She’s not only a nutritionist, Hanna recently went to Bali to become a yoga teacher, which (in combination with her nutrition knowledge) enables her to have a holistic view of the mind and body.


Any questions? Contact me!