The Timeless and Sustainable Wool Overcoat by The Slow Label

The Timeless and Sustainable Wool Overcoat by The Slow Label

The Wool Overcoat: Available here
Colors: Dark Grey, Camel and Cream
Sizes: XS-XL

I recently realized that I never really shared anything about my sustainable clothing label The Slow Label on my blog, so let me start by introducing you to The Slow Label’s newest product: The Wool Overcoat. Crafted from certified organic wool, this is exactly the type of coat that I’ve always been looking for.

Quick side note: Yes, this blogpost is in English. I am finally stepping out of – but weirdly at the same time also into – my comfort-zone. I will mix it up from time to time, depending on whatever language inspires me more at the moment.

What makes this coat so special?

Its shape and design might be the first thing you’re thinking of. And yes, I love the dropped shoulders, the simple and minimalistic silhouette and the relaxed fit. But I am most proud of the sustainable composition and local production behind it. We designed this overcoat with sustainability in mind: from trims to fabric to packaging.

Even though I’ve seen many beautiful overcoats so far, I’ve never encountered one that ticks all the boxes for me. Our Wool Overcoat is made of 100% certified organic wool and consists of eco-friendly trims. But let’s go more into detail…

  • The sewing thread is made of TENCEL™, which is a biodegradable and compostable alternative to the most commonly used polyester thread. TENCEL™ is a wool-derived cellulose fiber from the Austrian company Lenzing. It is sustainably produced in a closed-loop process, which means waste and water are reused/recycled to up to 99%.
  • The care- size and logo labels are made of 100% organic cotton and printed in Germany. Compared to conventional cotton, the organic cotton is grown without the use of harmful and toxic pesticides. It is also a great alternative to woven polyester labels!
  • We use biodegradable interlining made of viscose.
  • The coats come in a protective 100% certified organic cotton dust bag. The supply chain for this product is fully transparent. We know exactly where the cotton is grown, where it is spun and woven. Something that should be a given, but is still a very opaque and complex problem in the fashion industry.

The Wool Overcoat’s life cycle

With the coat’s entire life cycle in mind, we managed to create a product that can ultimately fully revert back to nature. And yes, as soon as I have a house and garden I will start burying pieces of fabric and trims just to test and prove this theory! (although the open-minded Berliners would probably not mind if I did this in Mauerpark)

Who made these coats?

Our production team in Berlin found a wonderful manufacturer in Poland. Located near the German border, this small ‘factory’ is owned and run by a woman. Lucja has years of experience in this industry and founded her company in 1992. The 15 person team creates a family-like feeling and makes it easy for us to oversee the production.

Because we startet our partnership during the Covid-19 pandemic, we weren’t able to visit them yet. However, our production team has visited them before and we trust their judgement and opinion. So far, we were amazed by the quality they deliver, really like working with them and can’t wait until we can finally visit their studio!

For more information – for example on the transparent make-up our prices at The Slow Label – please visit our website or visit our Wool Overcoat product page here.

Do you have any questions about the Wool Overcoat?

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  1. Love following your path Anna and to see how the slow label gets bigger over time :) Such a beautiful coat!
    have a great start in the weekend,

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